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Fishing and hunting

Also near Storulaugar you will find the beautiful Reykjadalsá river, praised for its stocks of both Brown Trout and Salmon.


Horse Riding

We don’t offer proper horse riding tours, instead we offer for you to bring your own horse and utilize our services.



The farm Storulaugar is located at Laugar in Reykjadal only 61 km east of Akureyri and 31 km from Husavik. We are located on the road nr. 846 only 800 meters from Laugar college. To reach us drive to the college and from there turn left.
Stabling for foal

During the winter we provide comfortable and safe accommodation for foals while they are being tamed. Last winter we took in 7 foals. There is a good chance that some of them will emerge as equestrian geniuses and go on to win many Icelandic competitions. At least we hope.

At our stabling accommodation has hosted horses like:
  • Óskastjarna,(sire: Moli from Skrida - dam: Glíma from Arbakka.
  • Eyfirðingur,(sire: Tristan from Árgerði - dam: Irpa from Árgerði)
  • Framtíð (dam: Tnna from Keldunesi2 - sire: Skandall from Keldunesi2)
  • Sisters Halastjarna, and Syrpa, sire: Boða from Torfunesi.

During the winter we can accommodate 18 horses for both short and long periods, offering year round pastures for grazing. During the summer we offer pastures for horses on their riding tours since many large groups pass by Thingeyjaveit during the summer, as the Storulaugar Guest house lies at the intersection of several main riding trails.