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Fishing and hunting

Also near Storulaugar you will find the beautiful Reykjadalsá river, praised for its stocks of both Brown Trout and Salmon.


Horse Riding

We don’t offer proper horse riding tours, instead we offer for you to bring your own horse and utilize our services.



The farm Storulaugar is located at Laugar in Reykjadal only 61 km east of Akureyri and 31 km from Husavik. We are located on the road nr. 846 only 800 meters from Laugar college. To reach us drive to the college and from there turn left.
Horse Riding
We don’t offer proper horse riding tours instead we offer you to bring your own horse and utilized our services:
  • Food supplies, accommodation and all our help to make your riding trip as comfortable as possible.
  • Transportation of the horses to and from Storulaugar and the level of care for your horses that you prefer during your stay.
  • Our mission is to offer all tired horse riders the best in food and drinks and a good night's sleep in comfortable beds so they wake up rested and happy.
Don’t forget to take a bath in our hot tub and join in a sing along with other riders before going to sleep in comfortable beds and well furnished rooms in our guesthouse at Storulaugar.


Our horses. Glima from Arbaka. Sjobba from Thvera. Sida from Hmrafoss. Hugur from Rodli. Skogar from Skagastrond. Skandall from Keldunesi.
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Icelandic Farmholidays

Please send a request directly by e-mail to or call us (00354)464-2990 / (00354)897-7093