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Fishing and hunting

Also near Storulaugar you will find the beautiful Reykjadalsá river, praised for its stocks of both Brown Trout and Salmon.





The farm Storulaugar is located at Laugar in Reykjadal only 61 km east of Akureyri and 31 km from Husavik. We are located on the road nr. 846 only 800 meters from Laugar college. To reach us drive to the college and from there turn left.
The Story of Stórulaugar
The earliest mentioning of the farm is in Reydaela (an old Icelandic saga) where it is called Laugar. It was considered some of the best land in the whole countryside and used to be the old sheriff's residence. The Geothermal heat source was used to bring hot water to the house in the 1923 for heating but is now used to heat up the hot tube that is located on the veranda in front of the house. Adalgeir that built the house on the land in the year 1897 and lived at Storulaugar from 1880 to 1930 with his mother but later on with his wife Kristjana Jonsdottir

Saga Stórulauga

In the year 1938 the land was divided up and a portion given to their son Adalsteinn Adalgeirsson and his wife Helga Jakobsdottir from Holar who built farm named Laugavellir on ¼ part of the southern part of the land.
Kristjana Einarsdottir from Storulaugar and her husband Jonas Stefansson occupied the farm for the longest period of time.

Today Elin Bjork Einarsdottir and Sigurdur Gretar Marinosson live on the farm.
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Merki Ferðaþjónustu bænda

Icelandic Farmholidays

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