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Fishing and hunting

Also near Storulaugar you will find the beautiful Reykjadalsá river, praised for its stocks of both Brown Trout and Salmon.


Horse Riding

We don’t offer proper horse riding tours, instead we offer for you to bring your own horse and utilize our services.



The farm Storulaugar is located at Laugar in Reykjadal only 61 km east of Akureyri and 31 km from Husavik. We are located on the road nr. 846 only 800 meters from Laugar college. To reach us drive to the college and from there turn left.
About Stórulauga

The story of the farm

The historic farm of Storulaugar in Reykjadal is located under the mountain Hvitafell (393 m). The earliest mentioning of the farm is in Reydaela (an old Icelandic saga) where it is called Laugar. It was considered some of the best land in the whole countryside and used to be the old sheriff's residence.

Today the land has been divided up to several pieces and now hosts several farm. The farm that holds the original name of Storulaugar occupies the northern part of the original farm up to the landmark of Ondolfsstadir. The farms landmark goes up to Hvitafell. Like many of the farms in Iceland, geothermal heat is used for heating.

Adalgeir Davidsson lived at Storulaugar from 1880 to 1930 with his mother but later on with his wife Kristjana Jonsdottir. Adalgeir build the house on the land in the year 1897. All materials were shipped from Norway and arrived via herring ship to Husavik in the summer 1896. From Husavik they had to bring the material on sleigh in the winter all the way to Storulaugar where the house was finally constructed in the summer of 1897.

The Geothermal heat source was used to bring hot water to the house in the 1923 for heating. The house boasts the first shower in the area. It’s the oldest house in whole Reykjadalurand and one of the first to make use of geothermal heat.

From 1945 Kristjana Einarsdottir lived on Storulaugar with her husband Jonas Stefansson from Ondolfsstadir. The couple were hard working and grandiose, and in the year 1950 - 1951 they built 317 square metres three floor stone house. Today the house offers accommodation in 8 rooms, each one of the rooms carrying names such as Jonasar room, the old kitchen, Suite, west, south east, three square.

Húsin að Stórulaugum

Today, Elin Bjork Einarsdottir and Sigurdur Gretar Marinosson live on the farm.

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Merki Ferðaþjónustu bænda

Icelandic Farmholidays

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